Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is TsTube?
A: TsTube is a place for all amateur porn fans who don't want to spend a lot of money for it. We are a group of people that aims to provide quality releases that satisfy your need for the fastest and latest porn videos.

Q: How long will my uploaded videos be stored?
A: All videos have a lifetime between 10 and 20 days then they get permanently removed! unless  you save the videos on your private storage

Q: What is private storage?
A: Every premium user gets a private storage (300GB) where you can save any video you want, you can download, watch or remove from it,  at anytime..


Q: How to download videos?
A: Play The video you want to download then click on the download icon
inside the video player    (Read our fair use policy here)

Q: How can i save a video to my storage?
A: You can do it using two ways

  1. Hover using computer mouse on the video and click on the top right icon
  2. click on the video then hover/click on the heart icon and choose "Save to storage"

Q: Do videos on the private storage gets removed?
A: Videos will remain online as long as  you're a premium user, if you don't renew your account then all your videos on your storage will get permanently removed!

Q: How can i record my favourite models?
A: In your profile visit "performers" page (or click here) then click on the button "Record Performers"


Q: What is Last Chance Videos?
A: Videos that will be deleted withing 24 Hours or less